TD Administrative Services (Pty) Ltd is an administration company which was set up early in 2002 to specialise in handling administration and collection for both insurance and non- insurance clients who wish to outsource this function.

We offer administration of group life policies (credit life, risk benefits relating to pension and provident funds), funeral products and short term (gap), as well as administration of individual gap / funeral clients. In addition, we handle non- insurance membership and collection of monthly membership fees.

TD Administrative Services specialises in data and financial reconciliations for and on behalf of clients who require independent auditing of data and control of receipts and payments – i.e. reconciliations of monies due and payment to third parties.

The administration fee is calculated on the complexity and scope of the work undertaken. At the outset a service level agreement is agreed with the client, outlining the responsibilities of each party and the cost of providing such service.

We are approved as a financial services administrator in terms of the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority), and our FSP number is 7379.

Our Product Offering Includes:

  • Premium collection (both via payrolls and debit order)
  • Monthly reconciliation of monies received and payments to all parties
  • Issuing of benefit statements to clients
  • Dealing with client queries and demographic changes
  • Claims, collecting the necessary documentation and passing this to the insurer for payment / paying directly on behalf of the insurer